About fotoRoland

My photography is a reflection of what I come across wandering through the woods. Some things I see please the eye and I try to capture that. Other things I see just pique my curiosity and tickle my fancy – the natural abstracts – and I try to capture those. And in some way you also try to document this curious world of wonders that lives quietly in our backyards.

I’ve been kicking around with cameras for years. I worked as reporter/photographer for a variety of community weeklies in the ’70s and ’80s across Canada. Later in life, the camera became secondary to earning a living in other pursuits. Only lately have I picked up the camera again in earnest and began wandering and taking the images which have some resonance for me. I now live in a community where there is an amazing diversity of landscapes and ecology to explore, and to get lost in. And I spend much of my spare time wandering through the woods cultivating my curiosity.